Our Straightforward Listing Program

Simple, Straightforward, Results

Most agents take a listing, sit back and wait for offers. Listing your property… that’s when our job begins.
We don’t “sell” property to buyers. We “expose” buyers to a property. That’s the essence of the J Sandoval marketing program. Networking, advertising and old-fashioned hard work. We expose your property to millions of potential buyers worldwide. That’s what it takes to get a property sold in today’s market. Every single potential buyer for your property should know it’s for sale.

We Offer a Flexible Commission Schedule

  • 5% – We find the buyer, write the contract and there is no other agent involved. Our commission is just 5 percent.
  • 4% – You find the buyer. We write the contract and walk it through escrow for you. There is no other agent involved. Our commission is just 2 percent.
  • 6% – Another agent represents the buyer we split the commission with the buyers agent. Each agent receives 3 percent.
  • 1% – You find the buyer yourself. There is no other agent involved. You do not want our assistance. You pay us nothing!

Guaranteed Sale Program
If you choose to take part in our Guaranteed Sale Program we will give you a guaranteed offer on your home. This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home does not sell, we will buy it for the guaranteed amount. If your property qualifies, we can purchase it and close it in less than 10 days. We typically can obtain up to 15 – 20% more value for your home if we put it on the open market. The guarantee buyout is for people who value time more than money. Give us a call and we will discuss the best path for your particular circumstances.

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