We’ve worked with hundreds of remarkable people in the past and would like to thank them all. A special thank you for all the nice things you have to say about us. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Here’s what our clients and customers have to say about us.

Relocating to Scottsdale
Moving is tough, especially when you are starting a new positions, selling a home in one city and purchasing a new home in your new city, it is particularly difficult if  you are single and you don’t know a single soul in your new city.   During the first few months, you literally have to rely on the kindness of strangers to help you determine, where to live, what area has the best resale value and most importantly what community would best fit your lifestyle, i.e. how close is the nearest Starbuck? How long will the commute be? Is there a good gym near by? Etc. All those little things are what make your new neighborhood your new home.

J Sandoval helped with all that and more. They took the time to get to know me as a person, to learn what was important to me about where I live. They never rushed me into a decision. I must have seen 150 homes and drove them crazy but if I did, they never let on. Each time we saw a home that I didn’t like they would take the time to figure out what I liked about the house and what I didn’t like about the house. In fact, they knew me so well that when they saw this one house they called me right away to tell me they found my new home. By the time we got there someone else had put an offer on the house. They kept watching the house and when the original buyer’s finance fell through, they were on it and they rushed the papers over to my office so I could make an offer.

I loved that house, I was heart broken when I was asked to move again and I had to sell it. But true to form, J Sandoval helped me sell the house in a week.  They even went so far as to interview the Realtors I would be using in my new city to help me make an informed decision.

I have moved three times since then and I have never worked with anyone as professional and as trust worthy as J Sandoval. I wish they would go national so I could use them for all my moves.

— Elizabeth Thomas, General Manager
Westin Galleria & Oaks Hotel


Loyalty. Honesty. Dedication. Committment.
I have known J Sandoval for about 8 years. He has been my Realtor, my boss and a friend that I respect and admire. I trust J like a family member; he is just that type of person. I have ALWAYS felt like he had my best interest in mind. So when he helped me buy my condo I completely put my trust in him and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Although, at the time, my condo was only a $90,000 purchase, J made me feel like it was a $1,000,000 + deal for him. I felt like I was his only client even though I knew he had many. I felt like he was available 24/7 to help me every step of the way. J is not only one of the most knowledgeable realtors, he is honest and beyond patient, which is crucial when, you are making such a huge decision and require some hand holding. J is not only there by your side until you seal the deal, he remains by your side helping you long after you have moved into your new home. I have watched him become life long friends with so many of his clients. I have recommended him to everyone I know and over the years I have had several friends enter the field of real estate. I have remained loyal to J and will continue to do so.

When I think of all J’s characteristics he is such a people person. He is so enjoyable to be around. Buying Real Estate can be stressful and J has a way of making it an enjoyable experience. I have always loved being in his company. J loves helping people. I think that is why he is so good at what he does and why he will continue to do it for a very long time. He gets so much out of helping people achieve a dream that will benefit them in the long run. That is usually the case in Real Estate, and when J has your back and is helping you make decisions it will end up being one of the best financial decisions you’ve ever made. Trust me. In three years my condo more than doubled in value. If I hadn’t trusted J, I would not be in the financial position I am in today.

In fact, I was so inspired by J I decided to go to work for him. When I first met him he had four words up on his bulletin board: Loyalty. Honesty. Dedication. Commitment.
When I worked side by side with J Sandoval I watched him live by these four words ever day. There is no one I would trust more with Real Estate.

Thank you, Laura Madden


Thank you J!
J your team has done another outstanding job for us. We absolutely love our new home. You were absolutely right about going with the acre plus property. Don’t get me wrong we loved our old house, but just out grew it. It was time to move up. Marie is already talking about remodeling. So much for waiting a year.

Thanks again buddy, TC, Marie & Family


Understanding and Tactful
“Thank you most sincerely for your understanding and tactful handling of our property sale.  We feel privileged that you gave us the opportunity to move on with our lives.  We have told all of our friends and neighbors that J Sandoval Real Estate is the way to go – it certainly was for us!”  Joseph Carlton


Beyond Our Expectations
J is an unbelievably competent individual.  He assisted my wife and I in the sale of two homes and the purchase of another.  During what could have been a very stressful time, J went well beyond our expectations in an effort to ease our minds and kept the process flowing smoothly.  The house that we purchased was currently occupied and had to be vacated the day prior to us moving in.  The owner’s movers didn’t show on the day of their move and J went out of his way to assist them in finding other means.  J helped them when even their own realtor would not.  He truly saved the day and is the epitome of “outside the box” thinking.  I am pleased to give my highest recommendations to J Sandoval.

Tim Godel


Professional and Friendly
“We’ve had several house buying experiences and J Sandoval at John Hall & Associates was far more personal and efficient than previous realtors we have worked with in the past. Professional and friendly at the same time.” J was able to help us take a very broad search and narrow it down to focus on what we were really looking for. He then, helped to show us a range of properties in our price range and within a short period of time, we were able to find the place that fit our needs perfectly, in our price range and all the while easing my anxiety so we felt comfortable with our purchase and the process. I have recommended J to several friends and co-workers because the level of service is outstanding.

Thanks so much, Riley Thomas


Easy to Work With
I was working overseas and needed to find a home for my family moving to Scottsdale. J made the process easy for us. Since we could not be there to see the homes in person, J and his team sent us pictures, videos and detailed descriptions of all the home we were interested in. He even sent pictures of the surrounding areas of things we like to do. Hiking trailheads, lakes, parks, shopping etc. We were naturally nervous but felt very comfortable purchasing our new home from overseas. When we arrived J had the refrigerator stocked and our new home was everything we imagined. Thank you J you made a nerve racking decision easy to decide. We are trying to talk our family into moving to Scottsdale. I’ll give them your number.

The Gonzalez Family


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